Cruise to Santander, Northern Spain
12/03/02 to 17/03/02

16 March 2002

We walked from the Porth Lodge Hotel, past Lusty Glaze Beach and into the centre of Newquay.
We had a look in most of the shops and bought some clotted cream fudge, home-made biscuits and
other goodies to take home with us.  We sat for a while overlooking the beach.

The Beach

Just to prove that I did go on this holiday I attempted to take a picture of all four of us
by holding the camera at arms length and taking a picture.  (Who said it wouldn't come out?)

Self portrait

After walking a bit further around we looked at the view from Newquay back towards
Porth Island across the other side of the bay.  The sun was shining and it was very warm.

Newquay's beaches

Finally we arrived at Newquay harbour.  Then we headed back calling in at a shoe shop for Nikki
and Gemma to buy some ridiculously high shoes with massive heels, so they had something to wear that
evening when we went out.  I bought a DIY Cornish Clotted Cream kit for one, complete with
Plastic Knife, Clotted Cream, Jam and Scones, which I ate on our return to the Porth Lodge Hotel.

Newquay harbour

That afternoon we relaxed in our rooms before getting ready for our night on the town.

Four go mad in Newquay.......
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