Cruise to Santander, Northern Spain
12/03/02 to 17/03/02

15 March 2002

We arrived at the Porth Lodge Hotel on Porth Bean Road outside Newquay at around 21:00.
We were shown to our rooms, again they were both on the top floor, and we unpacked before
driving into Newquay for a quick look around and a bite to eat at 'Favourite Chicken'.
We then had a couple of drinks at the 'Central Bar' and 'Seņor Dicks' before heading back
for a good nights sleep.

Porth Lodge Hotel

Next morning we were down for breakfast at 09:00.  Justin and Nikki hadn't slept very well as
the people in the next room had their TV on until the early hours.  So Gemma and I went for a walk
onto Porth Island while Justin and Nikki caught up on their sleep.

Gemma with her head in the clouds.

Gemma and I walked to the end of Porth Island then took a gentle stroll back
over the rolling grassland....

Walking on Porth Island

....and along Porth Beach....

Porth Beach

....before arriving back at Porth Lodge Hotel for a game of Ten Pin Bowling.
(Justin won the first game and Gemma won the second game.)

Ten Pin Bowls

A walk into Newquay.......
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