Cruise to Santander, Northern Spain
12/03/02 to 17/03/02

14 March 2002

After leaving the restaurant we stopped so Gemma could ring home, but her mobile wasn't set up
for International Roaming so I lent her mine to use instead.
The rain clouds were moving away again and the sun started to shine so we headed off to the park.

Our Ferry

In the park the sun was shining and it was very warm.
Gemma and Nikki went on the springy motorbikes and the climbing frame in the children's
playground while Justin and I pretended that they weren't with us!

Gemma and Nikki in the childrens playground

It was relaxing in the park, after the hectic rush around Santander,
it was good to be able to have time to take it easy......

The Park on our tan....

Justin works on his tan.

....and enjoy each others company.

Nikki and Justin

We then made our way back on board the ferry for the journey home.
The crossing was uneventful, the sea flat calm and the weather sunny and warm.
If we weren't relaxing on the sun deck or sleeping in our beds, we spent most of our time eating,
drinking, shopping or playing Blackjack.  (Pick up 21 ???)

Pick up 21!

15 March 2002

We arrived back at Plymouth just after 18:00 and queued at Customs.  Justin and I were
stopped and questioned by a Customs Officer as part of a routine security check.
When questioned about the reason for visiting Spain, I thought it best not to joke that we
are International Drug Smugglers as Customs Officers don't seem to have a sense of humour!
We loaded up the car and set off to Newquay for the next part of our adventure.

Onward to Newquay.......
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